Our Story

Heyoo! I'm Ren :)

I fell in love with fashion growing up in the anime and manga scene. After an attempt at animation, I realised that wasn't what I wanted to do and ended up at fashion school. I did well but it took a huge toll, which lead to a very dark time.

I spent nine months without being able to touch a sewing machine without a panic.

It was only during the pandemic when the pressure was layed off that I resolved my art block. Suddenly the creativity came flooding in, and I created an entire 30 piece collection on my own in three months.

It felt like a rebirth. I needed to convey what I was feeling to the outside, so I decided to call the line Reboot. The number 02 was an addition to the name I thought would be cool; I had made the attempt to start an alternative clothes line before, so to me it's like an homage to that.

I hope you relish wearing these pieces as much as I loved making them.


Hi there, I'm Kira!

I met Ren and was introduced to her project for the first time about a year later, in 2020. I was completely awestruck by the collection she had created.